About the Film

Cinematic version of the O’Henry story “RANSOM AT RED CHIEF”. Cohen and Tate are two Mafia hit men who don’t exactly hit it off. Cohen is an old pro, a cold-blooded killer who is all business. Tate is a young hothead who kills for fun. Together they kidnap a nine-year-old Travis Knight, an eyewitness to a recent mob rub out. Now, they’ve got 24 hours to deliver him to Houston for interrogation and elimination. Realizing their mutual hatred is his only hope, Travis plays this lethal odd couple against each other. But when theirvolatile words explode into a fiery gun battle, he’s caught in the cross fire.

Director: Eric Red
Year: 1989
Cast: Adam Baldwin, Andrew R Gill, Cooper Huckabee, Craig Busch, Frank Bates, Harley Cross, Ina B Bott, James Jeter, Jeff Bennett, Kenneth McCabe, Marco Perella, Ron Jackson, Roy Scheider, Suzanne Savoy, Ted Baader, Tom Campitelli
Created By: Eric Red, O'Henry

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